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Daduru Web Directory, one of the oldest and still active web directories, aims to introduce a new standard in link directories by ensuring a spam-free environment with only quality links.

We ensure that only family-friendly websites free from spam are included. Therefore, if your site is clean, legal, and comprehensive, we encourage you to submit it to our directory. Daduru is not just a directory; it's a user-friendly internet resource with a wide array of sites listed under diverse categories.

Our mission is to meet user needs by providing a directory of quality websites with reliable information. Take the opportunity to submit your site to this search engine friendly directory and receive a dofollow link to your website.

Regular links are free, but you also have the option to upgrade to an Express link (a one-time fee) or a Premium link (an annual fee).

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Daduru Web Directory is operated by Directory.bg Ltd. We are always open to new ideas, opportunities, and suggestions. If you have any feedback or inquiries about Daduru.com, please feel free to reach out to us.

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